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#1 What are the benefits of dental implants? #2 How does the 3D cone beam scanner help with implant treatment planning? #3 What has been your success rate with dental implants? #4 How well do older patients tolerate dental implant treatment? #5 How do you work together with the restorative dentist on implant cases? #6 How do you communicate with the patient's dentist regarding dental implants? #7 How do you keep patients comfortable during and after dental implant treatment? #8 Can dental implants be used to replace just one missing tooth? #9 Do you have to replace each missing tooth with a dental implant? #10 Why is it important to have a missing tooth replaced in the back of the mouth where it is not noticeable? #11 What are the advantages of having one tooth replaced by an implant rather than a bridge? #12 What are the benefits of using dental implants to secure a denture? #13 Is it possible to have a natural tooth removed and have an implant placed the same day? #14 What is a "sinus lift" and why is that procedure performed? #15 Could you please explain how you build bone using growth factors? #16 Is it necessary for someone to be referred to your office by another dentist? #17 What does "long in the tooth" mean and what can be done about it? #18 What is a "gummy smile" and what can be done to improve it? #19 How does oral health affect general health? #20 Why is it important for your periodontal patients to return to your office on a regular basis for hygiene appointments? #21 What financing options are available to help patients spread out payments over time? #22 How do the regular office meetings you conduct with your team benefit your patients? #23 Is it feasible to phase treatment over time to make it easier and more affordable? #24 How do you help dentists in your area stay on the leading edge of the dental profession?
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