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Soft Tissue Grafting - No Root Coverage

In many circumstances the gum tissue that surrounds the tooth is very thin and friable. It can frequently be sore to the touch, bleed readily and be easily irritated by plaque. Although recession (root exposure) may accompany this thin tissue, coverage by the gum over the root of the tooth is not the objective of this type of grafting.

The major objective of this type of treatment is to increase the quantity and improve the quality of the surrounding gum. The treatment is accomplished by removing the thin tissue (mucosal tissue) and replacing it with superior gum tissue transplanted from the palate to the affected site. The transplanted tissue grows in as normal, strong, pink tissue and the palatal tissue heals normally as well. The new tissue is easily cared for and prevents further recession while protecting the underlying bone; therefore providing the tooth with a much improved future.

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